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This is the new Wikia of Patbo. It is all about Patbo , Wolf, Magillian and all the other characters of the 'Patbo' series. This wiki focuses on Patbo, from Go!Animate. Anyone can edit or add pages, but must be relevant to Patbo in any visible way or it will be deleted and you will be banned. Have fun reading about everything, well, Patbo! Have a nice day! :)



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Patbo News!

Yes! It has been officially confirmed that the trailer for the latest comeback episode has just aired! But it has been suggested that Patbo now targets an older audience, as curse words were present. What do you think about the new change? Comment on the spoiler page here: [1]

Thursday, Dubblin (talk) 02:24, December 19, 2013 (UTC).

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