The Dragon

The Dragon is a character that appeared in Patbo 2: How To Kill A Dragon. The Dragon is killed in this very same episode when Patbo activates Rage Blast, annihilating The Dragon and turning it into thin air. Jennifer Kraig now greately resembles The Dragon after getting mutated by eating a mutated Doctor Scientist for her dinner, calling him a 'delicious calamari'.


The Dragon was a large, green dragon who had grey/white eyebrows. The Dragon had a light green underbelly with dark green skin. He had a yellow eye structure that seems to look very similar to a cat's eye.


The Dragon had numerous abilities:

  • Flight - Due to having wings, The Dragon was capable of taking flight at up to Mach 5.
  • Sonic Scream - The Dragon was capable of release a sub-sonic scream capable or knocking Patbo to his feet. Due to being subsonic, it did not damage The Dragon's ears.
  • Reflective Scales - The Dragon's scales were able to reflect lazer beams, but this wasn't shown before Patbo annihilated him.
  • Enhanced Durability - The Dragon, due to having strong scales, was able to take a lot more damage then normal. Even Patbo's Million Punches attack was unable to damage The Dragon. Rage Blast, however, was able to destroy The Dragon and turn him into thin air as well, proving the power of Rage Blast.