Satan is a deceased recurring character in the Patbo series.He is the first villain that Patbo had ever faced and is also one of the strongest too. In Patbo: Man VS Satan, Patbo defeated Satan by hitting him with the Flamethrower Shove, followed by the Fire Blast. In Patbo Dimmensions P2, Wolf paradoxically brought a younger Satan with the old, dead Satan's soul inside him to hold Patbo back, but failed when Patbo defeated him, killing the soul of Satan forever. Although Satan's soul may be dead, it is confirmed that he has a 25 year old son, who will be shown in Patbo Dimmensions P4. His son's name is confirmed to be Devlin, a play on 'Devil'. Devlin is also confirmed to be evil.


Satan appears to look like a member of a bikee group. Satan has red skin with aa black, leather jacket on with leather pants and boots on. The jacket he wears has many decals on it as well. Satan has black hair.


Satan has got a number of devilish abilities:

  • Cast Fire - Satan is like a devil sorceror, for he is able to cast fire from wherever he may stand.
  • Cast Lightning - Satan is also capable of creating lighting.
  • Cast Hellstorm - Satan combines Fire and Lighting to create what is known to him as a Hellstorm


Satan also seems to own a motorbike that can travel 1.2 times faster then Patbo, but is slower then a running Wolf. Patrick619 has confirmed his bike's name to be the 'Hellcycle'. Satan is seen using the Hellcycle when he is trying to lure Patbo to him in the Super Mario Dimmension. It works, but Satan is killed before he can use it again. Devlin will use the Hellcycle in his upcoming appearance.


  • Patbo: Man VS Satan
  • Patbo Dimmensions P2 (killed by Patbo)