Patbo 2B

Rage Blast is one of Patbo's many superhuman, mutant powers. Rage Blast allows Patbo to build up a vast amount of energy, creating a lightning-fire aura around him. Then, his indestructible aura is combined with Patbo growing into an immense size, obliverating everying around him and poisoning anything 1000 metres from him. The poison, however, is harmless to the non-mutant kind (homosapiens), dealing no damage whatsoever to humans at all.


  1. Patbo charges up loads of stamina.
  2. Patbo releases stamina into an energetic, lightning-fire aura around him.
  3. Patbo grows to an immense size.
  4. Poison is released from the aura when Patbo is grown.
  5. Patbo shrinks back down.
  6. Patbo deactivates the aura, ending Rage Blast.



  • Rage Blast is currently Patbo's most powerful mutant power.
  • It is unknown whether or not Rage Blast can even be stopped after the channeling process has begun and he has gained an aure due to it's invincibility.