Patrick Slovahkin is who Patbo used to be before Plagarath Incorperated mutated his DNA, turning him into a mutant. Slovahkin was a basically average man, though he possessed the biogenetics perfect for adaption to mutated life. Slovahkin was basically the next step in human evolution. Slovahkin, though, had no idea of these genes until he was assaulted and brought to Plagarath Incorperated to be tested on. It is confirmed that Plagarath has a sample of his adaption DNA and have injected it into another human, along with mutating it, which is most likely Magillian.


Slovahkin looked like your average male. He had gelled up hair, a button-up shirt, jeans and shoes on. He used to have blonde hair, but the radiation combined with his DNA turned it brown, losing his blonde hair forever. He also lost his hair's spikyness. Slovahkin, before turning into Patbo, turned into another being, know as Patbock, the middle form inbetween Patbo and Patrick. Patbock has brown hair with sweaty armpits. Patbock had no mutant powers, unlike Patbo.


Patrick Slovahkin only possessed one single ability.

  • Adaptive Biogenetics - Slovehkin had the Adaptive Biogenetics inside him, allowing him to quickly adapt to his surroundings. Plagarath used the quickest way they could think of to unlock it's true potential. That thing, was nuclear radiation. It worked, transmogrifying the gene, making Slovahkin evolve into the next stage of evolution, Homoraptosapian.


  • Patbo: The Prequel (turned into Patbo)