Patbo 2

Patbo 2: How To Stop A Dragon is the second episode of season 1 and the second episode of the Patbo series. In this episode, Patbo is hired to stop and kill a dragon who is attacking the markets to try and eat all the shoppers. It is a fierce battle, as The Dragon is extremely strong. It is so strong, it can resist the Million Punches ability Patbo has. The Dragon is a formittable foe indeed...


The episode begins with Patbo staring at The Dragon, giving smack talk as he gets ready to attack. Patbo then launches into the air with his super leg strength and caps The Dragon directly into the jaw.

The Dragon, however, takes no damage from this attack. Patbo then tells him he is tough, then The Dragon tells him that Resistance Is Futile. Patbo yells out 'You can talk?', then proclaims whether or not The Dragon can 'eat' his fist. He proceeds to fly up to The Dragon's jaw to launch a Million Punches at it.

Patbo fails at doing damage, and is then thrown onto the floor by The Dragon's SubSonic Screetch. The Dragon talks smack to Patbo's body on the floor, only to notice him get back up. Patbo, enraged at The Dragon, activates Rage Blast. Rage Blast makes Patbo grow to an immense size, along with a devastating lightning-fire aura surrounding him.

The Dragon says that 'This doesn't look good', only to be killed by Rage Blast, turning his head into thin air, leaving his lifeless, bleeding body behind. Patbo then exclaims that this is 'another reason why nobody messes with Patbo', then the episode ends.

Patbo 2A


  • Patbo
  • The Dragon


  • Cafè Shop

Abilities UsedEdit

  • Flying Punch
  • Flight
  • Million Punches
  • SubSonic Screetch
  • Rage Blast

Patbo 2B


  • This is the first time Patbo fights a non-humanoid enemy (Prequel not included).
  • This is the first time Patbo used Flying Punch, Flight and Rage Blast.
  • This is the only time The Dragon uses SubSonic Screetch, which does a devastating effect against Patbo.
  • This is the last time Patbo exclaims that 'nobody messes with him'.
  • This is the first episode Patbo is 7,7. The pilot episode stated he was 7,11.
  • This is the first time blood appears on the show.
  • This is the only time in season 1 that Patbo is scheduled to use the Rage Blast ability, due to lag it may cause. It will be used more often in season 2,
  • Season 2 is confirmed to have a relative of The Dragon appear.
  • This is the first time Patbo is less then half the size of his opponent. He is about 1/3 the size of The Dragon.