Man VS Satan

Patbo: Man VS Satan is the pilot episode of the Patbo series, as well as the first episode of Season 1. It is the first episode including Patbo and Satan . This is also the only episode where Patbo is 7,11.


The episode starts off with Patbo and Satan staring off inside a hostpital waiting room. Patbo then decides to start attacking Satan with punches and kicks. Satan is damaged by Patbo, but is not out. Satan then launches a sneak attack, knocking Patbo dizzy.

Satan then uses a special psychic move, dizzying Patbo even more. Satan is about to kill Patbo, along with taking his mutated soul and powers as his own, but Patbo strikes back, charging up stamina and letting it off with Flamethrower Shove and Fire Blast.

Killed, Satan slowly starts floating up to the eternal bliss where all demons go to be stripped of their demon powers and cursed to wonder the Earth as an invisible soul without powers. Victorious, Patbo finishes off saying, 'Nobody messes with Patbo'. Then, the episode ends.


  • Patbo
  • Satan


  • Hospital Waiting Room
  • Eternal Bliss (not seen)

Abilities UsedEdit

  • Million Punches
  • Psychic Dizziness
  • Flamethrower Shove
  • Fire Blast
  • Charge Stamina


  • This is the first ever episode of the Patbo series
  • This is the first ever episode Patbo and Satan appears.
  • This is the first episode to show the Hospital Waiting Room. The second one was Patbo Dimmensions P1, but was modified slighty, changing colour.
  • This is the first time Patbo uses Million Punches, Flamethrower Shove, Fire Blast and Charge Stamina.
  • This is the first time Satan uses Psychic Dizziness.
  • This is the only time Patbo is 7,11. All other appearances he is 7,7.
  • Patbo is shown to be vulnerable to dizziness.
  • Ironically, Satan lives in Hell but is extremely vulnerable to fire/fire-based attacks.
  • Satan doesn't use the Hellcycle in this appearance, but does in his final appearance.