Magillian Sanderson is a character that has appeared in the episode Patbo Dimmensions P3, along with many to come. Magillian is a female mutant with the power to morph into anything she has touched, along with turning into her blob form. Magillian has been comfirmed to be a Blob Mutant and not a Human Mutant, like Patbo And Wolf .Magilian is the only character, other the Devlin, to have a comfirmed age. She is 27.


Magillian has dark blonde hair. She has fair skin, lime green eyes, mascara and is wearing a light burgundy sweater dress. She is identical to Jenny , as they are identical sisters, separated at birth. Though Magillian's confirmed age is 27, Jenny's age is oddly unknown as she was mutated as a child which altered her age.


Magillian also has some mutant abilities as well:

  • ShapeShift - Magillian can ShapeShift into anything she has touched.
  • Blob Form - Magillian can turn into heer mutant blob form.
  • Human Form - Magillian can stay in her old human form, something Jenny did not plan when trying to mutate Magillian, turning her into a blob.
  • Adaptive Biogenetics - Magillian possesses the Adaptive Biogenetics gene. Due to having the gene, Magillian's body cells quickly adapted to Jenny's horrible mutation attempt, granting Magillian mutant powers. Originally, Jenny's plan was to turn Magillian into a blob, and take her place as well, as the 'good', non-evil one of the two. Blob Magillian was to be destroyed.
  • Extreme Durability - Due to being made out of a blob-like substance, her body can stand extreme amounts of shock and damage, surpassing even Patbo and Wolf. Magillian is shown to survive a whack to the head by DraJenny at full speed, taking no visible damage at all.