The Hellcycle is Satan's old motorbike that is now in the hands of Devlin, his son, after Satan had died. The Hellcycle is the first piece of Hell-Technology produced by Hell seen and is the preferred way of transport for Satan, and now Devlin. The Hellcycle is confirmed to appear again, this time with Devlin driving it around, not his deceased father. It is also confirmed that there is more then one Hellcycle, because there are 3.


The Hellcycle is just a basic, Harley-Davidson like vehicle. Is has a black engine region with black handlebars, silver handles and black tyres with silver wheels. The Hellcycle is also confirmed to not be the only vehicle used in the show, suggesting that Patbo may use a vehicle in the future.


The Hellcycle has a special ability not yet seen:

  • Transform - The Hellcycle is able to transform into a massive bomb, destroying itself but also destroying everything in a 100 mile radius, devasting cities itself.


  • Patbo Dimmensions P2
  • Patbo Dimmensions P4 (TBA)


  • In Patbo Dimmensions P4, Devlin upgraded the Hellcycle, allowing the vehicle
a sentient mind. It is even capable of using firearms, shooting Patbo over five times.