Clarabelle is a deceased character in the Patbo series. Clarabelle was a mutant that was capable of copying somebody's voice exactly. She had possesed a slightly different form of the Adaptive Biogenetics, which have already adapted to repulse nuclear radiation, making Slovehkin the subject, not herself. She was later killed by Patbo in Patbo: The Final Battle P3 When she was guarding the Hell portal at McDonalds when Patbo came, ripping her head off, killing her. It was confirmed that Clarabelle was under the mind control of Wolf.


Clarabelle was a black woman with browney-black hair, who wore a blue t-shirt and jeans. she had worn shoes.


Clarabelle had possessed 2 different abilities:

  • Mutated Adaptive Biogenetics - Clarabelle had the Adaptive Biogenetics in her, but they had adapted to repulse nuclear radiation due to the face that she worked at a nuclear power plant before.
  • Voice Copier - Clarabelle was also able to perfectly mimic anybody's voice she had heard. She had mimiced Slovehkin's voice before.


  • Patbo: The Prequel
  • Patbo: THe Final Battle P3 (head torn off by Patbo)